Ben is an avid adventurer and wilderness photographer who enjoys exploring remote corners of our planet.  Among his favorite subjects are desolate arctic landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them.  Ben often treks deep into the wilderness in search of scenery unvisited by others.

In recent years, he has become particularly fascinated with the northern lights.  He now regularly ventures above the arctic circle during winter, searching for mountainous landscapes with exceptional auroras dancing above.  We hope you enjoy his view of the natural world.  Thank you for visiting.

Most of Ben’s photographs have been captured with a Hasselblad medium format digital camera -- currently 60 megapixels -- yielding large prints with exceptional detail and color.  His images are broadly licensed and exhibited, and have been published worldwide, including recently in Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Alaska, Montage, and Hasselblad's Victor magazine.

Those interested in learning more about some of Ben’s favorite locations and techniques may enjoy the following articles that he authored:

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